Unusual green sofa – Blow Sofa by Malafor. Choose your sofa for indoor or outdoor use.


We still remain in the subject of sofas.


Do you prefer modern, funny and surprising furniture rather  then classic elegance? Do you care the future of Mother Earth? Do you like blowing? Well, I got something for you. Blow Sofa by Malafor is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags, a metal rack and rubber straps. And of course an air, which you would inflate.


blow sofa and armchair by malafor

UCCOI New Generation collection of transparent furnishings in various colours for home and office


I would like to present you UCCOI (the producer of plexi furnishings and interior elements) collection New Generation. It is a result of the cooperation with the designer Katarzyna Herman-Janiec from Protein Design. The collection includes over 40 unique furnishings gathered in two lines - Home and Business. All are produced out of the highest quality of extruded and cast plexi.


new generation collection of contemporary furnishing for home and office made of plexi

Yummy design vol. 3


As you can see, there are countless ways of expressing you passion for every kind of food. Get inspired.



Seats inspired by forest


Forest is inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers. Trees, trunks, leaves, wild animals reflect in colours, shapes and structures … I guess many people misses nature, especially when they live in a big city.