Miuki – seats with personality not only for kids


Once upon a time there was a mum, who wanted to make a soft cot for her daughter Miłka. Together with her friend she worked very hard and even when they had finished, she couldn't stop buying fabrics and making other soft and cozy cushions, poufs and seats. That is how she has created the unusual family of nice furniture for relax. Miuki by miły projekt.


With their shape, Miuki refer to simple things like an egg, circle or a square. However, it is a mystery what they would become when a child with all his or her imagination sit on them. “The way you place me, the way you'll be sited” is their motto.


miuki seats by miły projekt

Smart and innovative Wrappie lamp for everyone


I admire designers who create things for common people, like me. Artists who make extraordinary an exclusive pieces are famous and appreciated. And many of them deserve it. Their works sometimes touch, sometimes inspire, sometimes amaze us. However, how many of you can afford a chandelier for 88 thousands Euro? How many of you is able to touch it or even see it with your own eyes? Few per cent of the population, I guess.


And how many of you can afford a lamp for 75 Euro, which not only looks nice but is very functional as well, because you can adjust its height? Much more, I suppose.


wrappie lamp with adjustable height

Simple and colourful CablePower lamps for industrial interiors


I wish I lived in a loft! I like industrial interiors based on raw materials, such as concrete, bricks and steel. I don't like cold spaces, therefore my loft would be wormed with wood, soft fabrics and carefully selected lamps. At the moment, my favourite, best and Number One are CablePower lamps. Each and every single one. It is just a simple cord and a bulb – but the colours! Ecstasy!


cablepower lamps for lofts and industrial interiors

Beautiful eco-friendly seats made of carpets woolen wastes by Pekala Design


Are you one of the people who think that eco-friendly products always are drab, coarse and boring? Well today you may change your mind. Seats from Pekala Design Collection can be a good reason.


tulip eco-friendly seat