Miuki – seats with personality not only for kids


Once upon a time there was a mum, who wanted to make a soft cot for her daughter Miłka. Together with her friend she worked very hard and even when they had finished, she couldn't stop buying fabrics and making other soft and cozy cushions, poufs and seats. That is how she has created the unusual family of nice furniture for relax. Miuki by miły projekt.


With their shape, Miuki refer to simple things like an egg, circle or a square. However, it is a mystery what they would become when a child with all his or her imagination sit on them. “The way you place me, the way you'll be sited” is their motto.


miuki seats by miły projekt

Fairy tale cupboard for connoisseurs by Mudo Design


When I was a child I often listened and read (after I had learned to read) “Grimm's Fairy Tales” and “Fairy Tales” by Hans Christian Andersen. “Grimm's Fairy Tales” based on German folk tales are mostly cruel and scary (and not suitable for small children, despite the title). Hans Christian Andersen “Fairy Tales” are not as brutal, although they are quite sad and gloomy. I can barely remember the plots of most of these stories but I remember the atmosphere very clearly. I did liked this shiver on my spine...and I don't find my psyche damaged now :-)


The transposition of fairy tales motifs to the products for children is nothing new. But the concept of using a tale theme to create the furniture for adults is original. And very effective.


cuento unique cupboard