Miuki – seats with personality not only for kids


Once upon a time there was a mum, who wanted to make a soft cot for her daughter Miłka. Together with her friend she worked very hard and even when they had finished, she couldn't stop buying fabrics and making other soft and cozy cushions, poufs and seats. That is how she has created the unusual family of nice furniture for relax. Miuki by miły projekt.


With their shape, Miuki refer to simple things like an egg, circle or a square. However, it is a mystery what they would become when a child with all his or her imagination sit on them. “The way you place me, the way you'll be sited” is their motto.


miuki seats by miły projekt

Cheerful and energetic SEA ANEMONES poufs


It is about a middle of autumn in Poland. It's cold, cloudy, foggy and gloomy. A step of depression. Sunlight is a scarce commodity. Since we all know that solarium is harmful to human health, finding another way to improve the melancholic mood is crucial. For me, the solution is colour therapy (no license required). All you have to do is find nice, soft and colourful things that would please your eyes and your soul. Personally, I recommend lovely and very energetic poufs designed by Dominika Gross.


broccoli pouf by niemasowka

Mukaki – beautiful and ecological lamps and decorations for children's room


There are many women all over the world (including me) for whom maternity is important not only because of giving birth to a child. It is very often an impulse for creation or a turning point in artistic career. Maternity releases energy and broaden horizons. It leaves significant mark in women's brain and soul, and impacts on creativity. It's amazing how many beautiful, interesting, and helpful items was created by parents for children and for other parents!


mukaki lamps and decorations for chidren's room