Mukaki – beautiful and ecological lamps and decorations for children's room


There are many women all over the world (including me) for whom maternity is important not only because of giving birth to a child. It is very often an impulse for creation or a turning point in artistic career. Maternity releases energy and broaden horizons. It leaves significant mark in women's brain and soul, and impacts on creativity. It's amazing how many beautiful, interesting, and helpful items was created by parents for children and for other parents!


mukaki lamps and decorations for chidren's room

Chairs. Praise the Technology!


Random8 chair by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud of Pitaya Design is shaped like a brilliant cut diamond. It’s transparent so the light passes it through. It shines in every color of the rainbow and changes its colors depending on the ambient light and on the viewing angle. The chair creates its own lighting effects thanks to the dichroic treatment of the Plexiglas. It also reflects colourful shapes on the surrounding walls and floor, thanks to the reflecting properties of the material.


random8 briliant cut chair