Fairy tale cupboard for connoisseurs by Mudo Design


When I was a child I often listened and read (after I had learned to read) “Grimm's Fairy Tales” and “Fairy Tales” by Hans Christian Andersen. “Grimm's Fairy Tales” based on German folk tales are mostly cruel and scary (and not suitable for small children, despite the title). Hans Christian Andersen “Fairy Tales” are not as brutal, although they are quite sad and gloomy. I can barely remember the plots of most of these stories but I remember the atmosphere very clearly. I did liked this shiver on my spine...and I don't find my psyche damaged now :-)


The transposition of fairy tales motifs to the products for children is nothing new. But the concept of using a tale theme to create the furniture for adults is original. And very effective.


CUENTO means “tale”, “story” in Spanish. And it was Grimm's fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” that was an inspiration for Mudo Design for creating cupboard, which tells its own story about two children lost in the dark forest and the gingerbread house. The furniture is made of mahogany wood, an inlay composed from exotic woods veneer, and decorated with zircons (owl's and wolf's eyes). It is mostly traditionally crafted: hand treated and finished with shellac glaze.


After the designer: ”For Mudo Design the priorities are simplicity, harmony and perfect finish. And  searching for original and unusual solutions as well. The unique character of CUENTO cupboard comes from the combination of traditional carpentry methods with an image designed accordingly to the graphic tendencies. The role of the tale motif placed on the doors is to enhance natural properties of the wood; its colour and structure, and to find a new style for such a traditional finish as inlay”.


You can complement the cupboard with a sofa coushion CUENTO with an embroidery in individually chosen colour.


Those who prefer more exotic climate then European forest can choose COCO cupboard made of bamboo and European walnut tree with the inlay of different kind of veneers. You can have the animals from at least tree continents at your home (what a chance!). Apart form the lions, parrots, monkeys, koala and (my favourite) anteater, COCO is a friendly space for fig trees, coconut palms and banana trees.


The above products are produced for individual orders.


mudo design cupboard


Hansel and Gretel cupboard inlay


CUENTO cupboard production


cuento cupboard by mudo


unique cuento cupboard by mudo design


mudo design cuento cupboard with fairy tale motif


jungle cupboard


mudo design coco cupboard for connaissers


coco cupboard lion


jungle cupboard mudo


coala cupboard


cuento cushions


cuento cushions by mudo design


Photo credits to: Kasia Wojcik/noitak, Aleksandra Florianska


wonderlamp by pieke bergmans and studio job magic lamp Fairy-tale lighting. Wonderlamp by Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans