Smart and innovative Wrappie lamp for everyone


I admire designers who create things for common people, like me. Artists who make extraordinary an exclusive pieces are famous and appreciated. And many of them deserve it. Their works sometimes touch, sometimes inspire, sometimes amaze us. However, how many of you can afford a chandelier for 88 thousand Euro? How many of you is able to touch it or even see it with your own eyes? Few per cent of the population, I guess.


And how many of you can afford a lamp for 75 Euro, which not only looks nice but is very functional as well, because you can adjust its height? Much more, I suppose.


Wrappie is a lamp whose height can be freely adjusted thanks to a long cable wrapped around a ceramic tube. Materials used in the lamp have been used to the fullest – multi-functional cable supports the lamp, adjusts its height and, combined with noble ceramics, serves an aesthetic function by creating an interesting structure around the shade. Cable is in one of four colours: white, black, green and orange. Other colours will be available in the future.


The lamp is characterised by the frankness of the material used and a rough form, which are directly related to its function. It fits into various kinds of premises. Warm and subtle light would be perfect over the table, night table, in the living room or in the bathroom. It is also a good solution for bars .


"Wrappie is the result of my creative searches for a lamp, whose height could be easily adjusted" says Tomasz Pydo, the designer. "I have decided to completely subordinate its looks to the function and I was curious what would follow. At the beginning it looked more like a gadget from a spaceship then like a minimalist lamp. Very ofter the simplest ideas come at the latest".


Wrappie will be exhibited at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition 2012 in February 2012 in Talents area.


Tomasz Pydo also says that his main inspiration in design is observing people's everyday behaviours and habits and his aim is to break conventions and change standards, in order to live better.


What can I add? I admire designers who create things for common people to improve their lives and provide them nice looking, practical items they can afford.


wrappie lamp by tomasz pydo


wrappie lamp with adjustable height


tomasz pydo wrappie lamp


tomasz pydo owijka


owijka by tomasz pydo


wrappie lamp by tomasz pydo


pydo design wrappie lamp


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