Multisensory cradle by Agnieszka Wiczuk


From the very first moments in mother's bosom cradling accompanies to the baby. It is natural and calming. Not everyone knows, that due to the stimuli provided by swinging baby develops faster – learns own body and discovers psycho and motor relations between changing body position and changing surrounding. In that way little human learns to associate different sensual experiences in whole, while his/her labyrinth is stimulated by swinging at the same time.


The gentle, diverse and calming motion of hanging cradle is most similar to natural moves of the baby in mother's bosom. Cradled baby is more peaceful and develops faster, and in further future is fit, practical and thinks quicker. 


multisensory cradle by Agnieszka Wiczuk

Great Timoore “First” furniture collection for newborn, babies and their parents


Being a parent of a newborn is not easy. Not only because of the complete change of life routine and the physical and emotional exhaustion. But also because of information chaos aroused by all friends and relations + books and magazines + tv progs + everything in the NET. Everyone wants to help, everyone gives advices (very often contradictory), everyone knows best. And you get:
a) frustrated
b) lost
c) angry
more then at the beginning. What could help? The common sense, self confidence and keeping distance. And realization that apart form the baby, the parents needs and comfort are very important as well ... and it is worth to take care of them.


Today I would like to write some words about Timoore “First” collection as it offers great furniture solutions not only for newborn and babies to whom it is addressed, but also for their PARENTS.


timoore first collection for newborn babies and parents

Lamp to be painted on the wall – Doodle by Razy2


What if you could design your own lamp? Paint it on the wall … and make it light? What if it doesn't need a cable to give light? Hard to imagine? Not for everyone. Jacek Ryń from Razy2 has not only imagined this but he also created a prototype named Doodle.

By testing different products and materials and increasing the capacity of the system, he managed to find an optimal composition of the kit elements, which would help you fulfill this dream.


doodle lamp to be painted on the wall

Smart and innovative Wrappie lamp for everyone


I admire designers who create things for common people, like me. Artists who make extraordinary an exclusive pieces are famous and appreciated. And many of them deserve it. Their works sometimes touch, sometimes inspire, sometimes amaze us. However, how many of you can afford a chandelier for 88 thousands Euro? How many of you is able to touch it or even see it with your own eyes? Few per cent of the population, I guess.


And how many of you can afford a lamp for 75 Euro, which not only looks nice but is very functional as well, because you can adjust its height? Much more, I suppose.


wrappie lamp with adjustable height