Revolutionary ceramic gas hotplate for your kitchen. DynaCook X5 by Dynaxo


Another day and another revolutionary product. Another gem for people who don't like choosing either-or. This time something that would improve your kitchen (natural environment and your savings as well). A result of 5 years of research and tests, protected internationally with 6 patents and a worldwide Polish innovation. DynaCook X series. A gas cooker that looks like an electric ceramic plate but is cheaper to operate then any other cook plate.


dynacook x5 by dynaxo ceramic gas hotplate

Is it a bike? Is it a stroller? It's super Taga!


Young parents (no matter what age they are) have to face many dilemmas. At the beginning, even a visit in a shop or a bank can be an organisational challenge. If your target is 1 km away from your home and your child is too small to use a regular bike carrier you have to decide, whether to walk (again!) or take a car (not eco friendly!). And when your child is finally able to use bike carrier you have to consider whether you would be able to leave the bike safely outside...


Such problems wouldn't concern you if you have Taga, a multifunctional vehicle designed for families. It is a baby stroller and carrier bike all rolled into one. In less then 20 seconds, Taga goes from fun, safe and maneuverable bicycle to designer stroller that easily navigates stores, boards trains and slides into elevators.


taga bicycle and stroller

Beautiful and unusual porcelain wine bottles by Thibaut Godard


Even if you are not a wine enthusiast I am sure that at least one of your friends-and-relations is. Therefore, before you buy another bottle of wine for a gift read it and reconsider. Thibaut Godard created beautiful porcelain set, which not only stores wine but is a decoration of a kitchen or dinning as well.


porcelain set of wine bottles by tibaut godard

Genotyp lamps made of CORIAN


And here you have another piece of information about the image furniture for the Polish EU Presidency.

As I have already mentioned at the article about T40 table, this special collection contains seats, sofas, tables and lamps. The common denominator of the furniture, which fill the Presidency’s most important premises, is the combination of tradition and freshness of contemporary design.

The next representative of this furniture system is the series of Genotyp lamps by Studio Rygalik. They are made of Corian® in few different sizes and colours and they perfectly combine the traditional shape of lamp with an innovative use of technologically advanced material.