Revolutionary ceramic gas hotplate for your kitchen. DynaCook X5 by Dynaxo


Another day and another revolutionary product. Another gem for people who don't like choosing either-or. This time something that would improve your kitchen (natural environment and your savings as well). A result of 5 years of research and tests, protected internationally with 6 patents and a worldwide Polish innovation. DynaCook X series. A gas cooker that looks like an electric ceramic plate but is cheaper to operate then any other cook plate.


dynacook x5 by dynaxo ceramic gas hotplate

Multifunctional tree grid and bench – new idea for enriching public spaces by mmcité.


Now, little change of topic and surroundings. I don't know about the weather in your city/country but in Poland its autumn time. It is quite fickle and sometimes unpleasant, however its very beautiful – when it's not raining. Colourful trees invite to go for a walk and the parks and promenades invite … to develop them a bit better. Below, you would find a nice concept of mmcité, design studio from Czech Republic, which specialises  in designing elements of public spaces such as: bus and bicycle shelters, park benches, litter bins, ashtrays, bollards, tree grids, planters etc.


sinus tree grid with seats by mmcite

Innovative, ultra-comfortable chair and computer workstation mPosition


Everyone who works at the computer for many hours a day, either professionally or in the leisure time, knows that comfortable chair and desk are the necessity. According to the results of the latest ergonomic studies regarding optimal body position at work, a sitting-lying position is the healthiest and most comfortable one. What's more, it also conduces a prolonged concentration.


mposition innovative comfortable chair and computer workstation

Illuminant cobblestone Bruklux by K&K Products. The unique outdoor illumination.


And once again I am writing about lighting. And once again it is not an usual one. This time I got enlightened by illuminant cobblestone Bruklux designed by Paweł Karaś and Wojciech Kuglarz for K&K Products. The value of this unique concept lies in the innovative approach for the need of road and pavement illumination and linking it with advanced electronics.


bruklux by K&K Products unique outdoor illumination