Innovative, ultra-comfortable chair and computer workstation mPosition


I dedicate this article to my friend who has recently suffered a lot because of her jugular spine.


Everyone who works at the computer for many hours a day, either professionally or in the leisure time, knows that comfortable chair and desk are the necessity. According to the results of the latest ergonomic studies regarding optimal body position at work, a sitting-lying position is the healthiest and most comfortable one. What's more, it also conduces a prolonged concentration.


These results inspired The Institute of Industrial Design to create in cooperation with Studio 1:1 Jarosław Szymański and PROFIm an innovative multifunctional chair and computer workstation called mPosition, which ensures comfort and mobility.


Apart from the unique position of working, another feature which distinguish mPosition from classic desk station, is its high adaptability to personal needs and preferences of its users.


The chair has a fluent adjustment of the tilt angle of the seat and the backrest. The synchro mechanism adjust the swerve of the back to the weight of the user and combines them with the function of seat jutting. The chair is also provided with fully adjustable notebook table, lumbar support and headrest. Moreover, the mPosition is complemented with an extendable footrest as well.


All programmers, computer graphic designers and blogers, all players and home theater enthusiasts, who have spare 1500 USD, invest in your body posture and increase your concentration level!


mposition most comfortable armchair for work


mposition innovative chair for programmers and computer graphic designers


mposition ultra-comfortable chair for computer players


mposition the best chair for computer work


mposition the optimal body position chair


mposition the best chair


mposition chair


the best adjustable chair for home office


Photo credits to: PROFIm and Aleksandra Floriańska


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