Spring colours in interior design


Some more propositions of spring interior design for colours lovers.


bird house wall decoration

Bird house inspired by folk art and spring nature. It is a colourful and funny decorative object which gives pleasure to the eyes and to the soul. Made of MDF, it's non toxic and environmental friendly; garazshop.com


plus de madam rubens chair

Plus de Madam Rubens, design Frank Willems; frankwillems.net


sunny coffee table

Sunny coffee table; oodesign.eu


bird wall decoration

Wall decoration. Zimorodek (kingfisher); garazshop.com


nodus carpet inspired by folk art

Flower on the floor. NODUS Carpet by AZE design. It is a transposition of historic and ethnographic crocheting folk art, famous of its rich ornaments and artful plaits. By changing the material, size and the way of texture creating  the object reaches a new context, destination and surprising esthetic result. Each piece is hand made in Poland from over 1.500 metres of cotton string.
It is available in 5 vivid colours: red, blue, yellow, green and orange.


nodus carpet inspired by folk art

NODUS; azedesign.pl


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