Tea mugs Herbal Collection by Agnieszka Dybowska for Kristoff Fine Porcelain


Most of us (even coffee lovers) have got at least one favourite kind of tea or herb for drinking. Now it's possible for you to enjoy and organize your own prime tea time in a beautiful tea mug with a name and image of your favourite herb. Whether you drink it only by yourself, together with a friend or during a tea party with your family, you can celebrate the pleasant moments in an appropriate arrangement.

Herbal Collection designed by Agnieszka Dybowska for Kristoff Fine Porcelain (Porcelana Krzysztof) is an unique collection ideal for all tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs or those who just enjoy having their tea in something little extra. Now you do not have to be in England at 5 pm to submerge yourself in your tea world.


tea mugs set herbal collection by agnieszka dybowska

Locomoco – children friendly furniture


When your newborn grow up and become preschooler it is a right time for you to rearrange your child's room. The baby's needs and interests change. Either boys or girls who are 2-3 years old like pretending plays, arts & crafts and creating their space personally. And in the next few years your child would go to school and need some place for learning too. You know it is your responsibility to provide a child friendly, safe and stimulating environment. It is quite easy with good designed, which means nice looking, multifunctional and carefully finished furniture Locomoco by XYstudio.


locomoco furniture for kid's room

SIMPLE collection by Timoore – clever, fun and eco friendly furniture for boys and girls in vivid colours


Who knows better then parents what is best for kids? Who understands better children's needs and the dangers they can face? Parents I think, are the best designers of products dedicated to children. Parents, who make use of their experiences and do not hesitate to test their concepts with their own offspring. This is how Timoore acts.


simple collection by timoore

Cheerful and energetic SEA ANEMONES poufs


It is about a middle of autumn in Poland. It's cold, cloudy, foggy and gloomy. A step of depression. Sunlight is a scarce commodity. Since we all know that solarium is harmful to human health, finding another way to improve the melancholic mood is crucial. For me, the solution is colour therapy (no license required). All you have to do is find nice, soft and colourful things that would please your eyes and your soul. Personally, I recommend lovely and very energetic poufs designed by Dominika Gross.


broccoli pouf by niemasowka