Lamp to be painted on the wall – Doodle by Razy2


What if you could design your own lamp? Paint it on the wall … and make it light? What if it doesn't need a cable to give light? Hard to imagine? Not for everyone. Jacek Ryń from Razy2 has not only imagined this but he also created a prototype named Doodle.

By testing different products and materials and increasing the capacity of the system, he managed to find an optimal composition of the kit elements, which would help you fulfill this dream.


Doodle has been born out of two ideas: searching for a new way of electric current transmission and making the user a co-creator of the product. After receiving a kit (LED light sources, power source, electro-conductive paint), the user can paint any lamp shape or size on the wall or any other object. The painted lines conduct electric energy and become ornaments at the same time. The entire set can be changed on the go, as the surface which carries the installation is exposed to magnetic forces.

“Possibility of freestyle painting on the wall resemble the freedom of shaping a form and - according to me - it has a lot in common with free electric current transmission” said the designer. “I wanted to engage the user into the final design of the product, hence the name – Doodle.”

It is a conceptual project at the moment, however it's just a matter of time until Doodle become a commercial product (in this form or another). Follow the progress.


doodle lamp by razy2


doodle lamp to painted on the wall


doodle lamp by razy2 to be painted on the wall


doodle lamp with electro-conductive paint


doodle lamp to be painted on the wall by razy2


doodle by jacek ryń

Photo credits to Jacek Ryń


doodle by razy2


jacek ryń doodle lamp to be painted on the wall

Photo credits to Aleksandra Floriańska



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