Seats inspired by forest


Forest is inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers. Trees, trunks, leaves, wild animals reflect in colours, shapes and structures … I guess many people misses nature, especially when they live in a big city.


Spending time in natural environment helps to slow down and calms. But sometimes it's difficult to go to the forest anytime you need to relax. You can arrange a piece of forest in your own flat/house instead... seat on the trunk or chestnut and watch Robin of Sharewood with Michael Praed (for those who doesn't ring a bell, it was a cool 1980's british television series).


trunk stool

Trunk in stainless steel cover;


trunk stool in steel



armchair for herne the hunter

An armchair or a throne of Herne the Hunter;


mushroom stool

Mushroom Stool hand curved of mango wood;


chestnut stool

Inspired by figures made of chestnuts and matches. Kasztan (chestnut);


forest chairs

Forest Chair designed by Robby & Francesca Cantarutti;





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