Polish design representatives in EU


Some time ago I wrote few articles about Polish Presidency of the EU Council. It was about the official souvenirs and about two elements of the image furniture collection. As you may remember these furniture fill the Presidency’s most important premises – conference rooms, offices, and places of work, leisure and informal meetings. The collection contains few kind of seats, comfortable sofas, tables and lamps. I have already presented T40 table and Genotyp lamps by Studio Rygalik.


Today I would like to tell you something about the other elements of the collection as the expiry date of our Presidency is coming.


Apart for the lamps and T40 tables, Studio Rygalik provides also light, elegant and compact armchairs and sofas Czesław. The construction is upholstered in wool emphasizing its characteristic form. Small but stable base helps the lightness of the form and the armrests integrated with the back surround the user with embracing feeling of comfort.


Another kind of seats are supplied by Malafor. Trunk is made of a piece of oak wood cut crosswise and dressed in stainless steel - a shiny, mirror-like. Although the trunk has a handle, so it can be easily removed, I hope delegates and visitors don't take them out.


Next element of the collection is Split coat-hanger by Paweł Jasiewicz. The designer inspired by joint solutions used in furniture manufacturing and architecture in Poland and Norway created a hanger based on incisioned and unbent square timber. As he said: “Split is a result of the craftsmanship studies and an attempt of understanding the material capability.”


And the last but not least, SIMPLIC conference table by Piotr Kuchciński. It is a simple in form and construction system of conference tables, which can be easily configured and combined according to the functional needs of any particular space.


As you can see, the whole collection is coherent, although completed from the elements designed by different people, and can be described with two words: lightness and simplicity. Tradition and contemporary design either, but this is more then two words :-)


“These projects fit perfectly into the concept of furnishing the Presidency’s interiors, complementing it from the aesthetic and functional point of view, and show the variety of contemporary Polish design. The Polish-manufactured furniture for the Presidency is of advanced quality, modern, fresh and able to surprise anyone not familiar with Polish design.” said Tomek Rygalik, who was responsible for completing this furniture system. And it is hard to disagree.


czeslaw armchairs and sofa by studio rygalik

Armchairs and sofa Czesław


trunk by malafor polish official seat in eu

Trunk in autumn


trunk by malafor for eu

Trunk likes company


split coat hanger by pawel jasiewicz

Split coat-hanger


split coat hanger by paweł jasiewicz

Split in zoom


simplic conference table by piotr kuchcinski

SIMPLIC conference tables system


polish presidency in eu system of furniture

Genotyp lamps, Czesław armchairs, T40 tables and Trunks


polish presidency in eu image furniture

Czesławs, T40s, Genotyps and Split


polish presidency of the eu council official furniture

by Studio Rygalik (excluding the plant)


Photo credits to: Ernest Wińczyk, Bartosz Górka


corian lamps by tomek rygalik genotyp Genotyp lamps made of CORIAN T40 tables polish eu presidency official furniture by studio rygalik T40 tables by Studio Rygalik – Polish EU Presidency image furniture
beza projekt milk and honey official gadget of polish eu presidency The official souvenirs of Polish Presidency of the EU Council.