The official souvenirs of Polish Presidency of the EU Council.


Now, small patriotic accent. Those of you who are interested in politics probably know that as of 1 July Poland started its Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Even if you are not keen on politics, you may know that every presiding country has official souvenirs for that occasion to offer a memorable stay for state executives, diplomats and professionals.


It is such a great opportunity to promote the country and the designers! The challenge is to present a fancy thing that encapsulates the country attributes, combines tradition and contemporary life and is recognizable and memorable.


Several products has been commissioned as the official souvenirs of the Polish EU Presidency. These are: handmade wooden spinning tops in four folk patterns, cuff-links from silver and striped flint from Krzemionki Opatowskie (this stone occurs nowhere else on Earth), set of ceramic mug and honey jar and leather cases.


It is not a surprise for me that not all of the souvenirs meet all the requirements above. What's more, one of them is legally controversial. However, I do not want consider their disadvantages or investigate the legal background. I would like to present you the one I like the most. Milk and Honey by Beza Projekt.


The designers, Anna Łoskiewicz and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik created thick cardboard tube, honey colored, decorated with a pattern of droplets and honeycomb. And inside: a small jar of honey and a lovely white porcelain mug which reminds Polish school cafeteria mugs 20 years ago. And also a bent spoon to put honey into milk. The whole is simple, nice and not pretentious. And would definitely leave sweet memories from the milk and honey country in delegates memories.


To find out more about Poland or get an overview of Polish design check the official site


beza projekt milk and honey official souvenir of polish eu presidency

Milk and Honey


beza projekt milk and honey official gadget of polish eu presidency

Milk and Honey


spinning top official souvenir of polish eu presidency

Spinning tops


spinning top official gadget of polish presidency

Spinning tops


spinning top official souvenir of polish presidency

Spinning tops


striped flit cuff-links official souvenir of polish eu presidency



warsawia case official gift of polish presidency

Warsawia case


warsawia case official souvenir of polish eu prosidency

Warsawia case


thibaut godard porcelain wine bottles set Beautiful and unusual porcelain wine bottles by Thibaut Godard colorfolk mug inspired with folk Colorfolk home accessories – mood improvers
winter kettle by haen Perfect Christmas gifts challenge and HAEN electric kettles polish presidency in eu official furniture Polish design representatives in EU
campari lamp tasty design Yummy design vol. 3 T40 tables polish eu presidency official furniture by studio rygalik T40 tables by Studio Rygalik – Polish EU Presidency image furniture
corian lamps by tomek rygalik genotyp Genotyp lamps made of CORIAN