Perfect Christmas gifts challenge and HAEN electric kettles


I was thinking about the upcoming Christmas. I don't know about you but for me buying Christmas gifts was quite stressful for many years. What did I do to decrease this inconvenience?


  • First I started preparing for buying gifts in October instead of December.
  • Then I stopped aspiring to fulfill my relatives and friends dreams. I tried to get satisfaction with giving them things that would just bring them joy. However, it was not so easy as well. Although I tried very hard, my personal preferences affected me a lot. In the end, I numerously bought things I would like to be given, not necessarily fitting to the profile of gifted person.
  • So what was the next step? I have picked up “problematic” relatives, those who I don't know well enough. I've decided to concentrate on more universal, neutral gifts for them. The risk is less.

Of course, for my nearest and dearest I try to buy personalized present, and sometimes I succeed in making them happy :-) and sometimes I don't :-(


In the upcoming weeks I will write many articles about great prospective Christmas gifts. I hope you would find here something that would make your relative happy.


For example, many women would be satisfied with receiving beautiful and original kitchen accessory or an appliance. For some of them one of HAEN kettles can be a perfect Christmas gift. Beautifully adorned electric kettle is for those looking for something original, but at the same time want to retain traditional elegance on their tables and in their kitchens. All models are characterized by a classic shape and material (ceramic body).


The kettles are available in five exciting patterns referring to the famous cities : Tokyo, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Amsterdam and in four patterns referring to the seasons.


So first choose one of your close women, then choose a kettle for her. Or in a reverse order.


amsterdam electric kettle by haen


amsterdam ceramic electric kettle by haen


bercelona ceramic electric kettle by haen


honk kong ceramic electric kettle by haen


shanghai electric kettle by haen


shanghai ceramic electric kettle by haen


tokyo ceramic electric kettle by haen


spring ceramic electric kettle by haen


summer ceramic electric kettle by haen


autumn ceramic electric kettle by haen


winter ceramic electric kettle by haen

Photo credits to HAEN


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