Most original wash basins


Most of us, right after getting up the bed, goes to the bathroom. This is the place where we start every day. And if we want to make that start nice and optimistic we should arrange our bathroom in a special way. Depending on what result we would like to achieve (energy, beauty, fun) we can choose the appliances and accessories of different (and sometimes surprising) shapes, colours and concepts.


However, we should remember that one original appliance or furniture would create a style of the whole room, so  if we don't want to exaggerate, other appliances should be more sober.


When I started to search for the examples of interesting bathroom fittings I found so many great basins, bathtubes, shower trays and accessories that I decided to split them into 10 articles.


Here find some inspiring examples of wash basins.


plugless sink environment friendly wash basin

Nice looking and water friendly. Plugless sink makes us more conscious of how much water we use.


plugless sink 2 environment friendly wash basin

Plugless sink;


plugless sink environment friendly wash basin

Plugless sink;


zebra wash basin

Reflect your personality with wash basin inspired by African animals; Biko zebra orange;


boa wash basin

Thabo boa;


splash original shape wash basin

Blot. Urbi 8, faucet Thesis;


s shape wash basin

Multifunctional. S-shape GT;


join wash basin Fantasic colourful wash basins lemon wash basin Wash basins in nice colours and shapes