ANCYMON. “A scamp” piece of furniture for small spaces


If you live in a small space or would like to manage your space rationally of any other reason, you probably know that one of the most important rules in developing your house is providing multifunctional furniture. As I am one of those who lack of space this subject is very close to my soul and you can be sure I will keep on looking for smart and beautiful pieces for small spaces. And I will share with you with the best results of my searches, hoping you may get inspired.


The hero of today's blogging is a result of cooperation of one*line studio & refre (I promise to write something more about their other nice projects). Maybe it isn't great size, however it has a lot to offer. It doesn't pretend anyone. It is always authentic, although it has many faces. Ancymon (A scamp).


That's what the authors themselves say about Ancymon: “Typographic bastard. Furniture omnibus. Created with use of fountain pen and plane in order to help at home. Surprises with numerous functions, intrigues with alphabetic form. Ancymon is a stool, small table, newspaper holder, shelf and a small ladder. Disarming clever guy... The most lettering of all furniture and the most furniture of all letters. A like Ancymon, enjoy!”


Made from natural or coloured birch plywood or MDF is also available in unique phenotype for individual orders. In 100% made by hands. Has a gap in the middle to ease remove.


If you don/t know yet how you could use it in your home, just check the photos.


ancymon multifunctional stool


ancymon stool, ladder, small table by refre


multifunctional tool by refre ancymon


a stool by refre


multifunctional piece of funrniture by refre ancymon


ancymon by one line and refre


a stool by refre ancymon


ancymon multifunctional stool and small table by refre


multifunctional furniture for small spaces ancymon by refre


ancymon multifunctional stool by refre


ancymon is available in various colours

Photo credits to Monika Seyfried


scandinavian stool and table for kids by collect furniture Scandinavian STOOLS for kids by Collect Furniture