Dolls with personality. Delilah Noir


Most collectible dolls have names. But only few of them have personality. Some producers provide their dolls not only with outfit and identity but also with family, life experience, character and temperament. They offer one doll in many different incarnations, they create the story of her “life”.


One of these dolls is Delilah Noir by Ashton Drake Galleries. “Delilah Noir is a fascinating young woman who embraces the different and seemingly contradictory components of her personality. Unable to sum up in a single look, persona, or adventure, Delilah represents the multiplicity of characters in all of us. By day, she is many things: outstanding student, generous friend, model of society. But by night, she is whoever she wants to be: unfiltered, unfettered, and outrageous. With Delilah's wild imagination and creative and eclectic fashion tastes, there's no telling what persona she will reveal to the world next.”


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