Most original concepts of children's play tables


The tables I presented in my last articles are well thought-out, carefully produced, comfortable and safe for children. However, their range of use is quite obvious: a child is to sit at the table and use the table top as a work surface. Today, I'm going to introduce you the products, that present completely different approach to the concept of table for children. Apart from the characteristics mentioned above they offer another value – new way of thinking about the common piece of furniture and about children's skills development.


swing table for children by vox

Fairy-tale lighting. Wonderlamp by Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans


In these uncertain times of financial crises and high rate of CHF exchange, people's need for products that could bring some hope, light and magic into their lives, is greater then ever.


The Wonderlamp collection, which is a result of cooperation of Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans from the Netherlands should be prescribed. It works therapeutically. These fabulous lamps can really help to forget for a moment about gloomy reality and they stir fantasy and imagination.


wonderlamp by studio job and pieke bergmans hanging lamp

How to make over a chair? With Chair Disguiser by Beton


Do you have comfortable but boring chairs? Would you like some change in your home space but you don't want to spend a fortune for a new furniture? Do you like modern, funny and intriguing accessories?


Here is something for you!


ściemniacz chair disguiser to meke over a chair unusual chair cover ściemniacz


Collectible dolls. Made in Poland


And last but not least. My domestic (Polish) production. Meet Laloushka. She is unpretentious, funny, original and fashionable. She definitely has personality – each one her own. She has a family and a busy social life. Some of her friends are inspired by famous people (fashion designers), other can be personalized.

… And you don't have to panic when your child take Laloushka into his or her hands or mouth (however your pet should keep away).


laloushka collectible dolls

Best dressed dolls in town!