Human body. Home design inspired by the sexiest body parts.


Some body parts are more inspiring and therefore more popular amongst the artists through the ages. These are parts of our body related with sex, gender and love. Two hundred years ago an artist in love could have written a sonnet for his lady or song her a ballad. Today he can make a lamp or sofa inspired with her figure advantages to win her heart (or sell it and win a fortune).

Here find some nice furniture and accessories inspired by the sexiest body parts


him and her sexy chairs

Human body interior.


Although many appropriable items inspired by human vital and bones are disgusting, below you would find the selection of those which are smart designed, useful and pleasing to the eye (or both eyes :-)


Microcosmos, the Art Hotel interior in Italy designed by Polish design studio Kosmos Project. As you may guess, it was inspired by the interior of human body. Nice isn't it?


the interior inspired by the inside of human body

Human body. Furniture and accessories inspired by body parts.


Most people while looking at oneself in the mirror they see familiar face and figure. But some can perceive more then others. Poets, painters, designers and some other artists find human body an abundant source of inspiration. And they create. Sometimes their results are funny, sometimes disgusting, very often – beautiful.


the land of giants human body shaped pylon