Finish your Teddy with Boska's Teddies


I don't know any person who doesn't like teddy bears (neither an adult nor a child). Do you? Most of us used to have a teddy (at least one), and our grandparents, and our children too . For many people it is the most important toy of the whole childhood.


In 2002, 25th November was established the International Day of Teddy Bear. So I guess this day would be a great opportunity to „Finish your Teddy”.


charmer teddy bear by boska's teddies

The best chairs inspired by Panton Chair


As promised, find below my favourite examples of chairs inspired by Panton Chair.


First, the interior of St. Bartlomiej church in Chodovice (Czech Republic) designed by Maxim Velcovsky and Jakub Berdych from Qubus Studio (2006).


panton chair in the church

Furniture and home accessories inspired by child's plays. For adults.


Now it's time to present the examples of furniture and home accessories based on child's plays dedicated to adults or those which require more advanced skills to be completed. If you choose them for your apartment or home you would not only have a piece of nice design but also spend some time having fun while completing them as they are inspired by origami, block building and jigsaws.


flux chairs inspired by origami