Your private piece of the world on the floor. LANDCARPET by Florian Pucher


I am sure most of you have been able to watch aerial landscape out of the window of the plane or have seen it at satellite images on Google Maps. If not, you might have watched “Up in the air” with George Clooney; there were some nice shoots of such landscapes (mostly of the USA) at the very beginning of the film.


Have you ever thought how could these picturesque impressions be used in a decorative way, apart from taking pictures of them and hanging them on the walls? Austrian architect and designer, Florian Pucher, who works in Beijing had decided to transform them into floor coverings and designed LANCARPET rugs collection.


landcarpet europe by florian pucher

Atmospheric Spiral Light by AdamLamp


Christmas is coming. I have already bought all gifts, but it's not the gifts I am going to write about today. It's Christmas atmosphere.

What makes it so special – so different from other feast days? My senses give me the answer. For me these are:

  • The smell of Christmas tree, borsch and pierogies with sauerkraut and mushrooms.
  • The sound of jingles and Christmas old-school hits in small doses (I try to avoid malls in December not to overdose).
  • The touch of snow on my face (I am still awaiting this year).
  • And the look of the decorative lights.

So, what would be the best way to recall Christmas atmosphere off the season? I am not keen on cooking and I wouldn't sacrifice another fir the same year. I also cannot rely on weather. The songs are not enough. Definitely the lights are best idea. Of course I don't intend to be so literal to decorate a house with little star-shaped lights. I've got something better on my mind. Spiral Light by AdamLamp.


spiral light decorations by adam lamp