A lamp surprise


Sometimes, when I look at something I am not sure what my eyes see. The object is so unexpected that my brain needs some time to transform the data and understand the reality. I have found the examples of lamps which can not only confuse senses but are carefully designed as well. Hope you would like them as much as I do.


x-ray surprising and funny lamps

Torch-skipping-rope LolliLED by Marta Niemywska and other eco friendly gadgets


Nowadays, when children in kindergarten boast about their iPads, iPhones and Play Stations this article may sound like a ridicule or a provocation. But it isn't. I am one of the people who likes simple and multifunctional things (and inexpensive!) And if they are also eco friendly and well designed – it's full of happiness.


My children got a torch as a present, but not an usual one (they already have some: big one, small one, talking one...) The new torch is special as it doesn't require batteries; it is equipped with dynamo and two LED diodes. You just need to press the grip for about 20 seconds to recharge it. They just love it.


It had inspired me for searching and I found something even better!


lolliLED by Marta Niemywska torch-skipping-rope

The official souvenirs of Polish Presidency of the EU Council.


Several products has been commissioned as the official souvenirs of the Polish EU Presidency. These are: handmade wooden spinning tops in four folk patterns, cuff-links from silver and striped flint from Krzemionki Opatowskie (this stone occurs nowhere else on Earth), set of ceramic mug and honey jar and leather cases.


It is such a great opportunity to promote the country and the designers! The challenge is to present a fancy thing that encapsulates the country attributes, combines tradition and contemporary life and is recognizable and memorable.


beza projekt milk and honey official souvenir of polish presidency

Furniture and home accessories inspired by child's plays. For adults.


Now it's time to present the examples of furniture and home accessories based on child's plays dedicated to adults or those which require more advanced skills to be completed. If you choose them for your apartment or home you would not only have a piece of nice design but also spend some time having fun while completing them as they are inspired by origami, block building and jigsaws.


flux chairs inspired by origami