SLEEPBOX by Arch Group. Mini hostel room for travelers.


Have you heard about SLEEPBOX designed by Russian architects from Arch Group? If not – this short introduction is for you.


Two years ago Alexey Goryainov and Mikhail Krymov developed tiny (3,75 sqm), mobile device to provide exhausted travelers with a private space for rest and quiet sleep at the airports or a railroad stations. The cube, equipped with soft and flexible bed and a place for luggage, had also a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, WiFi, sockets for a laptop and charging phones.


They have also prepared SLEEPBOX hostel edition, which provides a minimum of functions and low costs. This version of SLEEPBOX is equipped with a bunk bed, sockets, LED reading lamps and  electric-drive blinds for privacy.


sleepbox mini hostel room for travelers by arch group

Mini houses. Eastern and western approach.


PACO designed by Japanese architect and designer Jo Nagasaka is a conceptual model to imagine a new life style. It is a box of 3m x 3m x 3m cube. And the roof open. It has the minimum equipments to live in spite of all its size. It includes kitchen, toilet and shower function … and of course a hammock near PACO’s opening, to give its user a pleasurable feeling as the wind flows exquisitely through the gap.


paco mini house paco mini house 2
paco mini house 3 paco mini house 4


Mini houses. From micro to midi.


As you have probably noticed mini houses are not equal sizes. Some are really micro other are decent sized. Find below some examples of mini houses of different sizes.


alp320 mini house

Mini houses. For a single and for a family.


zeroHouse with its usable interior of 650 sq.ft net is a completely self-sufficient and incredibly comfortable place for living.


It is a small, prefabricated house that can easily be shipped and quickly erected. It features a full kitchen, bath, and all elements necessary to comfortably support four adults (singles or a family :-) What sets the zeroHouse apart from other prefabricated structures on the market, is its ability to operate independently, without the need for any external utility or waste disposal connections.


zeroHouse self-sufficient mini house