Games, plays and chalk tables for children


Drawing and painting are not the only things your child can do while sitting at the table. Here are some more propositions of inventive and stimulating tables for your kid. They can be a comfortable place for letters and numbers learning, blocks building or chalk drawing. How could a child be bored with one of them?


little flare table for children by me too

Most original concepts of children's play tables


The tables I presented in my last articles are well thought-out, carefully produced, comfortable and safe for children. However, their range of use is quite obvious: a child is to sit at the table and use the table top as a work surface. Today, I'm going to introduce you the products, that present completely different approach to the concept of table for children. Apart from the characteristics mentioned above they offer another value – new way of thinking about the common piece of furniture and about children's skills development.


swing table for children by vox

Tables for drawing and painting for kids


Recik, which was the main character of my last article, inspired me for further search for unusual tables for kids. I was surprised of how many original, clever and nice looking examples I have found. I'm gonna share them with you in the three following articles. First come the tables, which support drawing and painting skills development. So, grab you crayons and have a good time!


come and draw table for children

The best chairs inspired by Panton Chair


As promised, find below my favourite examples of chairs inspired by Panton Chair.


First, the interior of St. Bartlomiej church in Chodovice (Czech Republic) designed by Maxim Velcovsky and Jakub Berdych from Qubus Studio (2006).


panton chair in the church