Revolutionary BabyBloom incubator for premature babies


Worldwide one in ten babies is born prematurely and for medical reasons they have to be cared for in incubators, which aim is to create and ensure optimally controlled conditions for the development of the baby. Up-to-now incubators' design didn't transcend its fundamental function; its appearance, easiness and comfort in use, and easy access for parents and hospital stuff were unconsidered and neglected. Untill the BabyBloom has been created.


infant incubator


The philosophy of the space for children by XYstudio


You don't have to be a fortune teller to know that these are our children who would design the space we live in in the upcoming future. You don't have to be a pedagogue neither to know that we form our children's sense of aesthetic and support (or not) their sensitivity to the surrounding world from the very first moments of their lives. The conclusion is simple: we should attach importance to the aesthetic education of our children. Hence, we should provide them places which would treat them as a sensitive recipient, who need order, harmony and clear principles of arranging space.

Most common mistakes committed while creating space for children are chaos and lack of consequence which are most visible in unconsidered space arrangement, accidental colours and a mixture of patterns and  cartoons' characters on the walls and on the floor.

Architects from XYstudio have created their own philosophy of the space for children, basing on their experience and discussions with pedagogues and psychologists.


edukado kids club interior by xystudio

Eco Chock Sit series by


As I have already mentioned, cardboard elements of interior design are becoming more and more popular. For the last years we could observe many interesting and inspiring products made of this material: toys, all kind of accessories and furniture. Keeping in line with the idea of environment protection cardboard shows various faces: from retro stylizations to modern outlook, from disguised painted images to sauté versions.


Products created by belong to the strict party in cardboard use. Experimental searchings in the areas of cardboard texture and eco friendly materials led by ended up in forming aesthetic minimal look of the chocks a biodegradable seats which can be used in many different ways; as a seat or a table or just as an object fulfilling the space with the touch of nature.


eco sit chock by

Multisensory cradle by Agnieszka Wiczuk


From the very first moments in mother's bosom cradling accompanies to the baby. It is natural and calming. Not everyone knows, that due to the stimuli provided by swinging baby develops faster – learns own body and discovers psycho and motor relations between changing body position and changing surrounding. In that way little human learns to associate different sensual experiences in whole, while his/her labyrinth is stimulated by swinging at the same time.


The gentle, diverse and calming motion of hanging cradle is most similar to natural moves of the baby in mother's bosom. Cradled baby is more peaceful and develops faster, and in further future is fit, practical and thinks quicker. 


multisensory cradle by Agnieszka Wiczuk