Fairy tale cupboard for connoisseurs by Mudo Design


When I was a child I often listened and read (after I had learned to read) “Grimm's Fairy Tales” and “Fairy Tales” by Hans Christian Andersen. “Grimm's Fairy Tales” based on German folk tales are mostly cruel and scary (and not suitable for small children, despite the title). Hans Christian Andersen “Fairy Tales” are not as brutal, although they are quite sad and gloomy. I can barely remember the plots of most of these stories but I remember the atmosphere very clearly. I did liked this shiver on my spine...and I don't find my psyche damaged now :-)


The transposition of fairy tales motifs to the products for children is nothing new. But the concept of using a tale theme to create the furniture for adults is original. And very effective.


cuento unique cupboard

Revolutionary ceramic gas hotplate for your kitchen. DynaCook X5 by Dynaxo


Another day and another revolutionary product. Another gem for people who don't like choosing either-or. This time something that would improve your kitchen (natural environment and your savings as well). A result of 5 years of research and tests, protected internationally with 6 patents and a worldwide Polish innovation. DynaCook X series. A gas cooker that looks like an electric ceramic plate but is cheaper to operate then any other cook plate.


dynacook x5 by dynaxo ceramic gas hotplate

Genotyp lamps made of CORIAN


And here you have another piece of information about the image furniture for the Polish EU Presidency.

As I have already mentioned at the article about T40 table, this special collection contains seats, sofas, tables and lamps. The common denominator of the furniture, which fill the Presidency’s most important premises, is the combination of tradition and freshness of contemporary design.

The next representative of this furniture system is the series of Genotyp lamps by Studio Rygalik. They are made of Corian® in few different sizes and colours and they perfectly combine the traditional shape of lamp with an innovative use of technologically advanced material.



T40 tables by Studio Rygalik – Polish EU Presidency image furniture


I have already mentioned about Polish Presidency of the EU Council, in the article about the official souvenirs. I would like to continue this subject and present you some of the image furniture produced for the Polish EU Presidency in a few articles.


These furniture fill the Presidency’s most important premises – conference rooms, offices, and places of work, leisure and informal meetings. The concept of this special collection containing few kind of seats, comfortable sofas, tables and lamps involves combining natural and traditional materials with the freshness of contemporary design. The modern manufacturing process entails innovative, technically advanced solutions.


The first element of this furniture system I would like to introduce is T40 by Studio Rygalik.


T40 by studio rygalik official table for polish eu presidency