ANCYMON. “A scamp” piece of furniture for small spaces


If you live in a small space or would like to manage your space rationally of any other reason, you probably know that one of the most important rules in developing your house is providing multifunctional furniture. As I am one of those who lack of space this subject is very close to my soul and you can be sure I will keep on looking for smart and beautiful pieces for small spaces. And I will share with you with the best results of my searches, hoping you may get inspired.


The hero of today's blogging is a result of cooperation of one*line studio & refre (I promise to write something more about their other nice projects). Maybe it isn't great size, however it has a lot to offer. It doesn't pretend anyone. It is always authentic, although it has many faces. Ancymon (A scamp).


ancymon stool by refre

Eco friendly alternatives for XMas Trees


There are two major acts of violence against nature involved in Christmas tradition. Selling living carps, which are one of the most important dish during Christmas Eve and cutting hundreds of thousands firs and pines for Christmas Trees. Most ironic is that Christmas Tree is a symbol of reborn, living and fertility, while - after decorating our houses for few days - it is mostly thrown out in the garbage. Although many people don't bother that, maybe it is a good time to start “a new secular tradition”. It doesn't cost much yet it makes difference.


What are the alternatives?
First – not to buy a living carp. Bought dead one would taste the same and you wouldn't have to practice killing a being right before you celebrate Jesus birthday with your family. (Personality, I truly believe that most people don't like killing).
Secound – use an artificial plastic Christmas tree (which would decompose thousands of years) or one of the recyclable one.


totem xmas tree

Fantastic eco gift from skate park. Epicurean® cutting boards and kitchen utensils


Here's another great concept for christmas gift (and another one from the kitchen area). This one is special not only because of the unique qualities of the product, but also because it is connected with the fair idea and interesting story. It's about guys who cared to make en effort to reduce post industrial waste from the manufacturing of professional skate parks. What did they do? Created innovative cutting surfaces made from the same durable material used on skate ramps. This is the story of TrueRide and Epicurean® cutting boards and kitchen utensils.


epicurean cutting boards and kitchen utensils

Eco Chock Sit series by


As I have already mentioned, cardboard elements of interior design are becoming more and more popular. For the last years we could observe many interesting and inspiring products made of this material: toys, all kind of accessories and furniture. Keeping in line with the idea of environment protection cardboard shows various faces: from retro stylizations to modern outlook, from disguised painted images to sauté versions.


Products created by belong to the strict party in cardboard use. Experimental searchings in the areas of cardboard texture and eco friendly materials led by ended up in forming aesthetic minimal look of the chocks a biodegradable seats which can be used in many different ways; as a seat or a table or just as an object fulfilling the space with the touch of nature.


eco sit chock by