Miniio houses for Barbie and collectible dolls


What is your first association with Barbie style?

a) Beauty, fun, colourful?
b) Plastic, pink, cheap?

If your answer is "b" I got something that would make you change your mind! Modern, minimalist, eco friendly house made of birch plywood and oak, and furnished with the reproductions of the current trends in international design, in scale ... for Barbie doll. After "Toy Story 3" which broke the negative steretype about Barbie's intelligence, Miniio doll house brakes the stereotype about Barbie's cheap taste.


miniio dollhouse for barbie and collectible dolls

Miuki – seats with personality not only for kids


Once upon a time there was a mum, who wanted to make a soft cot for her daughter Miłka. Together with her friend she worked very hard and even when they had finished, she couldn't stop buying fabrics and making other soft and cozy cushions, poufs and seats. That is how she has created the unusual family of nice furniture for relax. Miuki by miły projekt.


With their shape, Miuki refer to simple things like an egg, circle or a square. However, it is a mystery what they would become when a child with all his or her imagination sit on them. “The way you place me, the way you'll be sited” is their motto.


miuki seats by miły projekt

SIMPLE collection by Timoore – clever, fun and eco friendly furniture for boys and girls in vivid colours


Who knows better then parents what is best for kids? Who understands better children's needs and the dangers they can face? Parents I think, are the best designers of products dedicated to children. Parents, who make use of their experiences and do not hesitate to test their concepts with their own offspring. This is how Timoore acts.


simple collection by timoore

Finish your Teddy with Boska's Teddies


I don't know any person who doesn't like teddy bears (neither an adult nor a child). Do you? Most of us used to have a teddy (at least one), and our grandparents, and our children too . For many people it is the most important toy of the whole childhood.


In 2002, 25th November was established the International Day of Teddy Bear. So I guess this day would be a great opportunity to „Finish your Teddy”.


charmer teddy bear by boska's teddies